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About us

Vertvolta Press began life in November 2009 as Third Place Press, an off-shoot of Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington.  

The initial business model was designed around the use of the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) for the production of print on demand (POD) books, from publishers and Google's public domain Books project.  

Its secondary goal was to create a connection with the broader book community by creating a self-publishing program through which aspiring writers could have their books designed and printed through the EBM. Every aspect of the book's production was handled in-house--from consultation, to design & typesetting of the book and cover, through the production of the print trade paperback. 

Over the years, and several hundred clients, Third Place Press created self-published books of high quality with professional design aesthetics. 

Eventually, the Press began encountering clients with a need for a greater diversity of book production beyond the means of the EBM-- full color interiors, non-standard book dimensions, hardback, etc.-- which we developed, managing the production challenges while working in tandem with out-sourced print production facilities. 

Amidst the steady stream of client books, Third Place Press began a modest publishing business--initially reprinting literary classics and other forgotten works, and then acquiring the rights to publish modern authors. 

Spring 2018 saw the Press begin a new set of goals for itself, and a re-evaluation of the relationship with the Third Place Books family. After some discussion with the original owners, Vladimir Verano agreed to take the press independent as Vertvolta Press. 

Vertvolta Press continues to design high-quality books to clients of all types (self-published authors, small presses) and facilitates the print production of books via a number of partnerships. 

About Vladimir

Vladimir Verano spent 27 years as a bookseller, most recently with Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington. Though his main focus was on SF & F, his interests are broad and continued to grow over the years. In his free time Vladimir concentrated on illustration and design, working on a variety of projects, from posters, to CDs. He edited and produced a genre zine, Prescience, for over a decade, and is currently the co-founder and producer of Outsiders Inn, an itinerant theatrical troupe in Seattle. Recently, Vladimir became a member of the art gallery co-op Push Pull Seattle, where along with his co-members, he helps to curate and promote hundreds of local artists and art instruction programs offered by the gallery. 

Vladimir began his design career on his Apple Performa in the mid-90s, working on his zine,Prescience, as well as creating digital collage and other works. He designed rock posters and CD packaging, and other promotional material, and he redesigned the events flyer for Elliott Bay Book Company. His book design & digital print production skills were honed over the intensive nine years spent running Third Place Press, designing over five hundred individual titles and covers for clients. 


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